Irregular idle

Has anyone looked at the "wheel "that the trottlecable fit to and seen if 100% stuck on the axel that it fits on..min was not ..

See pic at


[ January 11, 2002: Message edited by: henrics ]

[ January 11, 2002: Message edited by: henrics ]

Idle problems are more often caused by jetting problems and not throttle cable problems. These issues usually show up as the temp goes down.

Do a search on Jetting Q's, there is a large thread that can answer the majority of your questions.

Bonzai :)

If your bike is new it may just take some riding to get the engine worked in. My bike idled erratically for the first few rides and then was pretty smooth. Its real smooth now that I've changed the jetting...still got some tinkering to do but big difference.

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