Deep Thoughts

I am recovering from an injury right now so I am doing a lot of thinking about dirtbiking. I ride a 96 cr250 and considering getting a WR but I just thought of something that might stop me...

I have always been in awe by how high a 2 stroke can throw a chocolate rainbow of semi firm mud. Its like watching a forth of July celebration where its light out and all the fireworks are brown. Can a four stroke hang with that?

Sometimes you can't discount the simple joys of dirtbiking...

Due to MASSIVE knee injuries, I sold my 91 CR250, and rode my last MX/SX track...(or so I thought???)

A piece of me died the day I sold my beloved Honda.

I thought I (should) never feel the free flight only a beautiful jump can give again.

That was back in the fall of 96. After some massive regret, a refusal to age gracefully and play peanuckle (sp?) full time, the WR became public. I figured I could still trail ride...right? The thought of riding an extremely underpowered dual purpose bike, after stepping off 42 RAW-GOLF COURSE SHREDDING-EAR BLARING- CHILD SCREAMING horsepower was sacriledge. The WR was the missing link btwn dual purpose and full fledged motocross horsepower.

I now own a 99 WR. I have done some SUPERB riding here in NH, AWESOME Moab, Utah, PA on some great trails, downsized SX and MX tracks. My WR is not as light as my CR, not as flickable as my CR, not my favorite Honda racing red, but it still brings a smile to my face. And the friends I have developed here on ThumperTalk, from around the world, has made it all GREAT!

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Deep thoughts:

If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about roosting around them? We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason.

Milk, i think you are saying i should not shred nature...I agree. Just to clarify most of my riding is in and around gravel pits. The trees finished screaming there long ago...

NH, I have always dreamed of riding 18 holes! courses arn't nature...

I will be taking a laid back ride with a friend of mine tomorrow who just bought a wr. My first one in a while. I will try to get him to let me ride it and see what these bikes are all about.

Actually skadamo,

I wasnt referring that comment torwards anyone. I just saw the title deep thoughts and thought I might share one of my favorites from Jack Handy. (slightly modified :) )

My normal(?) riding bud rides a '93 CR250. We've swapped a couple of times and where it's taken me a minute or so to get used to the CR, in that time frame, he is gone with my '00WR400. The last time we swapped he made me promise to never let him ride it again... He didn't want to be reminded how far the technology had gone in a few short years. His CR has to last him for a couple more years and then he's jumping camps to the fourstroke world.

Since the WR is my first dirt scoot (ok, I'm an ignorant dirt novice), I just figure it is how all off-road bikes should be. Quiet, awsome handling, power anywhere any time , great suspension, ...and my favorite.. reliable. :)

However, it's the support through this board has made the ownership of the WR far more rewarding to any other bike I've owned. Without TT I would have given up long ago.

I too am a convert from the 2 stroke camp. My former ride was a '94 CR250. I loved that bike, it was the first year that Honda was reasonably close with the upside down forks. I sold that bike in 1996 to build a road race bike (first an EX250, then a CBR900RR), and spent 3 seasons riding AFM races.

Last fall the bug bit hard. My brother and his buddy bought a KLX300 and WR400 respectively. After riding both I was hooked, I had to get something. I knew I wanted a Yamaha, but which? The YZ or the WR? After much soul searching I decided that I was too old for any more MX and bought the WR. I then proceeded to make my MX COMEBACK a scant six weeks later.

You know what? After a 5 year moto lay-off I could ride the WR better than I could ever ride the CR.

Oh ya, my brother finally wised up, got rid of the Kawi and got a WR also.

Does anybody know where we can get a Tee Time? Fore!!


My TT name says it all!!! I own a '01 WR and used to own 2-smokers and let me tell you.......WR all the way!!! I too am at home recovering from a mx accident on my WR. It doesn't matter what type of bike you ride, it's how you ride. The injuries are all the same!


[ January 11, 2002: Message edited by: NH Kevin ] bad on the misunderstanding...

My leg is still to weak to start my bike so I could not go out and try the WR. Some of these comments have me even more curious.

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