Just installed the Clarke 4.7 on the L

So how'd the install go?

Looks great, I really like the colors :ride:

clean looking bike :ride: i like it...

Nice bike!

Couldn't get white?

Looks great, :ride: :ride:


post a front picture so I can see how it straddles the bike please, I'm thinking of buying the same, thanks:thumbsup:

Thanks for the compliments. This bike has been so good for so long all these years later I am still motivated to make improvements.:ride:

Orignally posted by wheelnut46 So how'd the install go?

It was easy other than a bone headed mistake I made. I took the petcock adapter off to clean the tank before install and put it back on misaligned with the hole in the tank. I realized the holes were slotted in the adapter when I put gas in and it leaked. Once I lined it up correctly it was fine. It should be noted that it came installed and I removed it and created the problem unnecessarily. Here is a picture of the adapter with the petcock on now.


Originally posted by MindBlower Couldn't get white?

I could have but I like the black tank because it does not yellow from gas fumes and I like the black-white contrasting panels. Plus the big black tank gives it that Mad Max look too.:ride:

Originally posted by xr-jorger post a front picture so I can see how it straddles the bike please, I'm thinking of buying the same, thanks

Here are some more pictures:thumbsup: By the way I have ridden it a few hours and you really don't notice the tank size when you are on it.





I did deviate from the directions on the install some and modified the crossbar wire that comes with the tank. Instead of boltiing it through the frame I cut it in half and secured it using the old wing brackets to eliminate any rocking of the tank. It was already pretty secure with the supplied foam that went between the tank and backbone of the frame, the front rubber bushings, and the rear bolt. I had however seen someone on here utilize this method with no problems so I followed in suit. It is very rigidly mounted now.



That's a good looking sled! Gotta love XRL's.:ride:

Still looks purdy for a 13 yo to me, mines only 7 and a whole lot rougher than yours.

What rear fender you runnin? Looks good, I've got the CRF450 one on mine, but yours looks like it "fits" the bike better. I've got a more oldskool moto-x fender waiting to go on, but I'd be intereted in running the one you have too.

Originally posted by dukeryder What rear fender you runnin?

It is an '05 CRF450 rear and front fender (Acerbis). I just cut and modified it to fit.

Here is how I attached it from underneath. I fabbed the bracket out of some thin wall steel tubing and welded the washers on the ends for the bolting up.

You will need to run a rear fender bag as there is a small void between the seat and fender just at the rear of the seat.


Originally posted by Baxter650 Still looks purdy for a 13 yo to me, mines only 7 and a whole lot rougher than yours.

I just finished refinishing the frame and putting new plastic on it.:ride:

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