T4 exhaust heat shield

Have any of you guys made a heat shield for a T4 complete system? I have an old shield from a stock exhaust but am looking for ideas on how to mount it. thanx

A tig welder would probably be the easiest provided that the welder knows what he is doing and doesn't punch a hole through the header. If the header has a coating on it, the welder has to grind it off to find the fresh metal. I believe its stainless, that it why I suggested a Tig welder instead of a Mig welder. You can use stainless rod to weld mild steel to stainless steel.

Other than that, probably a stainless steel hose clamp.

I just used header wrap, to keep my dual sport pants from melting on my power bomb but that was a pain in the butt and expensive in my opinion. Then rocks started to chew up the header wrap behind the front wheel.

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