kms before engine rebuild-wr450

Hi everyone.Longtime reader,first time poster.I`m just curious as to what milage one could expect before having to do a top end rebuild on an 03/04/05 wr450?I`m using quality oil and filters every 500km,with the airfilter always clean.What has been your own experience?Mine only has 3400ks from new and interested to know how long I`ve got.Thanks.

5500 hassle free km's.

There was a similar post some time back if I can recall correct.

I don't keep track of KM's or mileage. When my 05 was brand new I installed an hour meter. If you refer to your manual all maintanance is refered to in "hour" intervels. I have 158 hours of hard Baja California riding on it and no worries "yet". I change the oil and filter and air filter frequently.

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