Using my wr400 for gentle road riding...maintenance schedule

How often should i be changing the oil if i use to it go 15miles each way to my unit every day.

I am hoping it is safe to not do a oil change every 3 days or something silly?

I know its not the bike to use on the road, but when the weather is nice and im not just getting wet and muddy offroad it would be nice to commute on 2 wheels :ride: and these are the only 2 wheels i have at the moment.

any guidance or words of warning will be appreciated? :ride:

I Have A Plated Wr450. I Change Mine Every 200-250 Miles. The Old Oil Still Looks Good When It Comes Out So I'm Not Worried.

For road riding, a lot of people like to disconnect the TPS on the carb. The oil should be fine for 2-300 miles or more on the road, especially if you are using synthetic.

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