Aftermarket stuff

Anybody know if there is an aftermarket supplier for tranny parts and maybe the main bearings for a 426?

I'm sure that there is at least for the bearings, but I would suggest sticking with OEM parts. You can get them at a pretty good discount through the thumpertalk oem store. Even if they don't specifically show your 426 you can go get the Yamaha part number from the Yamaha website, or from Yamaha of Troy also I believe, then enter the part number into the field on the TT oem site and it will give you the price and allow you to order it. It costs $10.00/yr to join the TT oem site but you usually save at lesat that much on just a part or two.

Thanks man, I went to the store and I can't believe the prices. I am waiting for a reply to find out if I can buy since I am up in Canada. You wouldn't believe what they charge up here for stuff!

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