Yamaha yz 450f 06 model (clicking noice in suspension)

HI Guys...

I own a yamaha yz 450f 2006 model, and have noticed alot of free play and a loud clicking noise in the rear shock, i thought it was the bearings so i have replaced all the bearings except the top bearing on the shock, it doesnt affect the bikes handling at all but just is very annoying sound when your riding, Anyone have an idea of what it may be?

when i first read this, i thought shock bearing right off.

If the bike is on a stand and you try to lift/push the swingarm, can you replicate this noise/feeling?

Im betting it's the shock bearing.

Good luck and do report back if you get a chance.

Yes i can make the noise when it is on the stand buy lifting up the swingarm!!

Is the top shock bearing the same as the bottom shock bearing which joins in the linkage?

No, it's usually a spherical bearing, while the lower one is a roller.

If you can duplicate the noise on the stand, have someone produce the noise while you try to isolate the source.

ok thanks heaps, but as far as identifying the noise its really hard to pin point it, i think i will put a new bearing in the top shock and go from there.

If you can put your fingers on the pivot points, bearings, etc., you can often actually either feel the slack that's causing the noise, or stop or change the way it sounds.

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