anyone still have stock throttle cables.throttle?

Considering going back to the stock carb on my BRP, does anyone still have their stock takeoff parts to include the throttle cables and linkage/throttle tube and handlebar mount they would be willing to sell cheap? I can't seem to find mine.

I have my original cables, but no twist tube. xr600 also uses same throttle tube.

I have a set of brand new motion pro cables. PM me if



I think I have a complete setup, but I have to go down to the shop and root through boxes. If I still have it, I think it has a couple years of trail riding on it. Let me know if you found a throttle tube/Cable set-up or if you are still looking.

Gentlemen, thank you very much for responding, a local member PMed me today having the entire setup, if that falls through I will PM each of you individually, thank you again.

I also have a comple stock set and used. send me a PM if you need them.


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