Snapped bolt on oil filter case

Was using a torque wrench set at 12 N.m as stated in the manual. Snapped one of the bolts. Was lucky and was able to unscrew the remaining bolt out of the casing which was jutting out with a pair of pliers.

This is about the 7th time to change the oil filter on the bike. Do these bolts stretch over time, and need replacing ? Should I replace all the bolts next time I change the oil element ?

I don't want a repeat performance. I might not be so lucky next time and have to drill snapped bolts out of casings.

Anyone have similar experience, advice ? Cheers all.

I don't trust torque wrenches at the lower settings, I just do it by feel. I use a plastic handled "T" driver for the oil filter bolts, theres enough flex in the handle to keep me out of trouble normally. Although one of mine is a socket cap from the hardware store.:ride:

Like zordan said, you can't trust the torque wrench here. Small screws and they are usually saturated in oil. T handle is good. What I do is use the screw driver attachment to tighten down. Then I take a small ratchet (1/4 in) and just use my fingers to snug down. I don't grab the handle and turn! Again, just fingers.

If you ever find oil seeping, resist the tempation to tighten bolts further. What I have found on the 650R is that if you have oil seepin at the bottom, its because you had oil in the screw holes on the bottom and now it is seeping out with a warm engine. You will find that all the screw holes are on the outside of the gasket like it should be. To prevent this, it is good to take a air hose and blow out the holes before reassembly.

Thank you for the advice guys. I will not use the torque wrench anymore on those bolts. Good advice about cleaning the hole out of oil before screwing the bolts back in.

How many changes before I change the O Ring (gasket) ?

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