Complete head assembly

Guys I need your help!

I'm going to make an order from the us soon and I want to get a complete new head for my friends YZF450 '06.

I've found the partnumber on Yamahas site and I just want to confirm I found the right one. Since there is Other models listed like YZF450FV/FSPV/SPV.

part# 2S2-11102-00-00

Is that the complete head for a '06, including everyting for a complete topend swap?


That's the right number, but if I'm right, it's not a complete head. It includes cam caps, dowels and bolts, and the valve guides, but I very much doubt that it includes valves, springs, or lifters, and definitely does not include cams.

Also note that the head for an '06 will not interchange with any earlier model.

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