What! no 07 xr650r.

My son and I Tripped out to the Abbotsford B.C. bike show last night.We wandered into the Honda display and low and behold ,no 650r, but there was an l.Still air cooled. While talking to the Honda rep,I found it sad that they can give you no insight as to why they dropped the line.All they know is what new.What they seem know about the new is very little.It's like they are reading you the pamphlet provided by Honda.Perhaps I was speaking to the wrong rep.They had lawn mowers,generators.I thought it was the bike show, not the home and garden show.Sad to see xrr missing from the 07 line up.As Neil Young says. "The king is gone,but not forgoten".I say, HAIL, and long live KING!!!!!

Go to Honda web site. There is a 07 xr650r. model.asp?ModelName=XR650R&ModelYear=2007&ModelId=XR650R7

Looks like American Honda will have 2007 XR650Rs but Canadian Honda will NOT.

I hope US, or anyother place will keep the XR 650R and have Honda continue to support it. It was removed form the Swedish retailer 05.

No BRP 06. :ride:

I've heard rumors of a replacement (other than the CRF450, whole different bike of course). But they are rumors. And if it is based on the 450, it will be fast, light, ... and not the brutally reliable pig I've come to know and love.

Then again if it was really based on the 450, it would be out already, right? Here's hoping. Honda does tend to be a tad slow with new.

Let's hope that Honda makes a bike like the KTM 525 EXC, the 525 is the only bike that comes close the XRR.

Let's hope that Honda makes a bike like the KTM 525 EXC, the 525 is the only bike that comes close the XRR.

Except with a more durable transmission.

Except with a more durable transmission.

They're def not as strong as the XRR but not as weak as you think. A lot of the failures are 'cause of too much tension on the chain the KTMs need to be run really loose, something to do with the design of the rear swing arm.

The ones that were failing in the DAKAR were the new 690 LC4 which'll be a badass motor when it comes out too 60hp :ride:

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