99 yz400f hurricane conversion

does anybody know what differences there are between the tank and plastics of a 99 yz400 and a 2000-2002 yz426. i want to do a hurricane conversion but was told by one industries that their kit for the 2000-2002 yz426 would not fit my 99 because the plastics are different. I appreciate any help. thanks:ride:

am pretty sure they are all the same. i bough a 426 tank when converting my wr400f into YZF supermoto trim. it should fit. same was with the graphics. the one i ordered where for a 426, again fited fine... with the 99 tank i think u mite have to trim the tank grahics alittle, but thats no problem.

good luck, ands let us see how it goes. are u going to repaint the frame and/or change the tank??

I am pretty sure the plastics for a 2000 yz 426 are the same as the 99 yz 400.....not sure about 01 and 02 but if they are the same as 00 then they will fit....

yea the plastics are the same. I had a 99 yz400f and a 2001 yz426f, and the plastics were the same. Even the exhaust from the 426 fit on my 400. Hope this helps.:ride:

The issue is the radiators which are different. The 400 has slightly narrower radiators that the shoulds attach to slightly differently (lower bolt straight in on 98/99 vs. at an angle 00 up). So you may be able to fab something up to fix or you can bolt on 426 raditors and get more cooling.

I will look into 426 radiators.HUMMM---MORE COOLING? WHY THE HELL NOT!!

as far as the tank ---IMS black tank cuz black goes with everything. I really appreciate all the help and info. I will photo capture the entire process and i am going to powder coat the frame black.

i have a 98 yz400f and it has the yellow hurricane graphics on it. not sure what year they were from but there on it fine.. id like to get replacment ones so if it works for you please let me know where you get them.. thanks

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