Noticed a botch on my bike (glove finger!!!), what and why? and how to sort it?



The clever use of the glove finger is replacing a 1" long piece of clear tubing that usually goes there.It is pinched shut on one end and allows you to see if youve got water etc. in the air box.It's held on by a metal pinch clip so you can remove it by hand and drain out the crud.A rubber plug would be better to use if you ride deep water!

By the way where is that oil coming from?

Seems to be some in the glove finger, but god knows how long its been there? could that be bad? I will replace it and see how long it takes to gather more....plan??

oil in the finger there can very well be from the air filter in that box. if the air filter is over oiled, the extra run-off will seap down into your finger glover there. nothing to worry about. but maybe someone is using too much oil on their air filter.

Seems to be a lot of oil on the underside of the airbox and on the shock. Could some of it be from chain lube?

IMO I would take off your air filter, seal the intake area and thoroughly clean the inside of your air box and then purchase the OEM rubber boot ro replace your "glove finger". It looks like you might be over oiling your air filter. Is that oil covering the top of your shock or just dirt?

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