I found these guys to be pretty good so far. Same deal as Photopoint, hopefully without the BS. Upload photos, sort into albums, your fans can order prints of you, all for nothing. I sucked up about 9 mb's of space so far. They offer a premium package as well which gets you a domain name, FTP service, and some other stuff for $19.99 a year. Not too bad. I just hope they dont shaft me like Photopoint did.


If you can tolerate the ad on the top of your page, offers 50 megs of web space for free and the tools to build your own web site. I use FrontPage 2002 which will load pages directly to their server. If you download MS Internet Explore you can get a minimal version of FrontPage which will do all you need to publish your own site. You can see my web site by pressing the "www" above. So far, I have been pretty happy, especially since this page is mainly for family and friends and not worth any investment.


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