Went riding in the snow and mud- FUN!

It warmed up to 60 deg on Weds, so I got the 450F out and fired 'er up and went for a spin around my "turning practice" track. This is just a flat little track in my front "yard" (I live on a ranch) with a small whoop section. There were a few clear spots and lots of snow, up to 3' deep.

At first, I could barely keep the bike upright exiting the corners and I did several complete donuts and drop-the-bike manuevers. That 450 low end is pow'ful stuff! But, I finally got the hang of it and started doing pretty well, really. GREAT throttle and balance control, lemme tell ya! Two interesting things happened:

1) On this one corner, I was up and pointed down the straight and then just wicked the throttle on. The rear tire broke loose and I just sat there spinning! I mean I came from rolling around the corner to a dead stop, tire just zinging away. It was kind of funny, I thought.

2) My rims, wheels, chain, and sprockets are showroom shiny! Snow's a pretty good cleaner.

I sure have a lot more respect for racers in the mud now.

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