Trade WR426

Hi Guys,

After 5 years riding my WR426, i traded it with a TM450 enduro. Sorry, but i can only tell you that is a huge step forward in driving and steering.


Let me be the first to "Kindly exit OUR forum quietly and without disturbance through the same door that you entered" JK:D

I guess you must not have known, Most us prefer to Man-Handle, an overpowered, under suspended, Ill handling Pig through the tight twisties, as this is generally the only thing that gets our hearts pounding other than catching the sight of Pamela Anderson-Lee-Rock?!?! (Whatever her name is now) on Bay(b)watch reruns...

Good luck and Happy riding on your New bike!!!:ride: I suppose when I get enough cash squirrelled away from my wife and kids, I'll step up to some Newer Iron!!!

Later Jamie

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