Sorry, no riding, access denied

Have you guys seen any signs like this in your favorite riding area? You soon will if we can't prevail in the biggest push to deny us our rights to public land access we have ever seen.

The greens are hell-bent, very vocal, well-connected politically, and they have lots of money for attorneys. They are not shy about abusing the legal process to separate you from your favorite riding areas. We are being specifically targeted because we are considered to be a weak link and apathetic about the issue. The general public also has some misconceptions about our sport, and they need to be educated. Please join Blue Ribbon Coalition, send money, write your Congressman or Senator, and help to educate the non-riding public by behaving yourself in front of them. It all counts right now. If we don't act, we will lose everything except the existing private motocross tracks. Then, they are next (if you don't think so, ask Travis Pastrana and his father, who nearly landed in jail). Let's educate the enviros that we are a force to be reckoned with.


Dan, you got 100% of my support! Thanks for the post. Paul

Thanks, Paul. I know you are doing much to help the cause. I think we had some earlier posts a few weeks ago on this subject. I hope everyone in TT finds the motivation to do one thing per week toward the goal of keeping land open for our use and other activities.


PS: I hope your son is doing better.

Do it! Most of us don't even think twice about spending $40 on some after market doo-dad for the bike. Support the BRC and help our only chance to put up a reasonable legal fight against these misguided, brainwashed, tree-hugging qu**rs!

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Qu--rs??????? Now I think I will be changing my user name. Any suggestions?

By the way, I am on a first name basis with my two Congressmen and Senator because I e-mail them at least two times a week. Our Governor is a total waste of time, he is a qu--r liberal. Also, every time on of the polititions comes to town for a townhall meeting, he gets to see me. :)

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