Stand Weiseco Piston Kit question

ok I am replacing my stock piston(99 yz400) with a weiseco piston kit....there are three rings, the bottom oil ring is easy to identify but the instructions in the kit do not tell me which is the top ring and which is the second ring? they are clearly different one is more like black and the other is like an orangy color?? which one is the top and which one is second ring??

also what are the fuctions of the top right and second ring? I think someone told me one of the rings srapes the oil back down off the cylinder new to changing out my piston....just don't know what ring is top or second....

can anyone answer this for me?

The top two rings will both be compression rings, but they are generally not identical. The one intended to go in the second groove does have the dual function of a "touch up" oil scraper in some ring sets.

The only thing I can say with a fair amount of certainty without seeing the rings is that they should have some markings on the top side with will identify that side as facing up. But as to which goes in which groove, absent any clear instructions, I would contact Wiseco and ask.

thanx i'll have to do that !

You hafta kinda sniff around on the wiseco site, but there's an illustration on the piston rings catalogue that shows you what you need. If you look at the part number for your ring set, is ends with the letters "XR". Go to the Wiseco the ring catalogue, here and find the row for "XR" type rings.

The two rings have different cross sections. One should be rectangular in cross section, with square corners. That's the top ring. The other should have a chamfer on the outside diameter. That's the second ring.

ahhhh OK your right they did have differnet cross section ok thanx.....

There's almost always a difference in the section of the two rings, but there are so many different types of ring construction used that it would just be too difficult to go over them all (and confusing, most likely). Luckily, Birdy had some recent experience to share. :ride:

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