New XR650R Owner

I now own a 2000 XR650R bought new in late 2002. Had the power up mod done to it. airbox mod, jetting and exhaust mod done to it.

How do you check the oil level? slight knocking at very low rpms when cold but goes away when warm. teested it in the parking lot where we met. Power is very good and rivals my CRF450R I traded for it but is very controllable compared to the CRF450R.

Ok guys. Lets hear the good and the bad of the 2000 model and what changes were made in the newer years. Anything I should look out for? oil change intervals, valve adjustment interval. ANything and everything you can tell me would be GREATLY Appreciated.

I read up a lot about the 650R since they came out in 2000. Finally I bought a new '03 in early '04.

The ticking sound when cold is likely the oil pump above the oil filter. Mine does the same thing. I'm not too worried at the moment since we're snowed in, but I plan to talk to my local shop about it soon.

To correctly check the oil, warm the bike to operating temp, 5-10 mins of idling. Kill the bike, hold it level, and check the level. When you insert the dipstick, lean it so the bottom follows the right side of the frame (as you're sitting on it). Otherwise you can bend the dipstick as you thread it in.

From everything I've read, there are 2 parts that were changed in the mid '02 model year.

1st was the clutch bushing on the main shaft (VERY expensive fix if it fails). 2nd was the counter shaft seal behind the counter sprocket, (causes an oil leak). I am not sure, but you might be able to call Honda with your VIN to find out if your bike was manufactured with the updated parts. Otherwise, there is a decent walkthrough of the fixes at The Pig Pen

The third problematic part, that will likely never be updated, is the thermostat. The Pig Pen tells about a fix with a slightly modified Napa #115 thermostat, but I recommend buying a thermostat from Summers Racing for 15 bucks. Or, take it out if you live in a warm climate. Just give it a few mins to warm up before gunning it.

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