Whoa, 19 MPG for the 650r???

I was planning on getting a 2002 XR 650R that has been plated, but I was reading through Motorcycleusa.com test they did on the '06, and only got 19mpg?? Crap, I dont think I want one anymore, I was expecting around 40mpg.


Is there anything that can be done to get better MPG? I used to have an LC4 640, and it got 43 mpg. It cant be a displacement thing can it? Must be how it is tuned?

In that test, they were not dual sporting like you would be. I do admit my xr gets poor mialiage although i ride fairly agressivly. My uncorked stock 650r averages 35-40+mpg dualsporting depending on how many power wheelies I pull. With reserve you can push it over 100 miles on the stock tank. I usally hit reserve at 70-80 miles. You would have to ride very hard off-road to 19mpg.

Sorry but, MPG means Miles Per Gallon?

The stock tank only allowed us to go 50 miles at a time before needing a refill, no matter how hard we tried to conserve fuel. BC, ever wary of increasing gas prices and fuel economy thanks to his V-8-powered truck, crunched the numbers for us noting that the 650 averaged around 19 mpg in our rough hands. In an effort to gain more range, we installed an IMS 3.2-gallon tank on one bike. The additional 0.6-gallon capacity allows for around 61 miles of riding, but we found that it significantly limits rider mobility.

Hmmm. They must have been running the heck out of it. Or maybe a buch drained out before this guy could get it upright agian, lol.


The only time I've been in the neighborhood of 19 mpg was while running in the dunes (13/49 gearing). The other day I ran pretty hard through the desert and hit reserve at 55 miles (stock tank, also 13/49). I normally get 25-35mpg off road (depends on gearing, terrain, pace) and 40+ on-road (14 or 15/49 gearing). For all day dual sport rides 35 or perhaps even 40 mpg is normal for me.

I'm currently running a 170 main jet. I can observe my milage change slightly as I rejet for the seasons.

Yeah, just as HawkGT said. They either drained the tank with it tipped over or ran the crap out of it in 3rd gear powersliding every corner on those fire roads. It sucks down the gas when you have the revs up at wide open throttle. Its just like a car, if you drive like a race car driver (read as jackass), you get bad gas mileage.

Stock gearing at 60mph on the street, you have the throttle barely open and it gets good mileage. Change the ratios if you are doing more street/high speed than technical riding.

I have never gotten less than 30mpg haulin butt in the desert, on three different 650s. I have the stock 14/48 gearing and have heard for dualsporting, going to a 15 tooth front can extend the mpg even farther.

Sorry but, MPG means Miles Per Gallon?

Yes. 1 MPG = .425 km/liter or 19 MPG = 8 km/liter

19 MPG is very low. The only place that I can use gas like that in in the sand dunes. Iv'e used a tank in as little as 30 miles. Of course in the sand, the front wheel only went 30 miles, the rear may have gone 70.

Yes. 1 MPG = .425 km/liter or 19 MPG = 8 km/liter

Thank you very much cleonard :ride:

With my stock tank, I'm hitting reserve at about 45 miles off-road, and about 75-80 miles on-road. So somewhere close to 25 MPG off-road, and 35-40 MPG on-road.

HRC uncorked '03 XR650R. Cutout side panel & stock carb & exhaust w/ HRC spark arrestor.

Mine is fully uncorked, full ProCircuit T4, vented sidepanel, Quick Silver,#19 needle. I run 100% street/highway with 16/44 gears and 17" motard rims.

I average 50+ MPG at 65 mph.

Power-wheelies are extreme fun and easy on this bike, therefore difficult to avoid ("Officer, is there a problem?"). They will cut your mileage, obviously.

Hey IHScoutII, don't give up on that pig! I run 15/45 gearing & 45mpg highway is the worst I've gotten commuting to work. You must be here in Spokane as I saw the add on the local listing. Not a bad ride though seems a little high if it doesn't have a full exhaust (sorry, cant remember if it did). There are a number of us here in town with them. There's a parts guy named Chris at Allsport who's keeping a list of owners of dual sported XR650's & he's pretty much in the know as to what mods work best for them. If it was nicer out I'd let you try mine to get an idea of how they run. I can tell you that after owning a couple of other factory big bore dual sports this one's so much more fun I feel kind of guilty every time I take it on public roads. I've also got a factory service manual & can help you out if you wish to rewind the stator for more output. Cost about $25. Matter of fact I've probably got enough left over wire for another rewind so all you'd have to buy is some epoxy.

15-45 gearing = 50mpg when highway riding - always well over 200 miles on a tank (4.7 Clarke) before I head to the pumps. When in the dirt with 13-45 gears I get about 30-35mpg

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