426 project is done

I miss my WR426......I wish I could have kept it. I traded it for an 06 YZ450f.....which I really like.....but I do miss my trusty WR.:ride:

Your bike is looking good :ride:

I have just freshened up my '02 WR426 as well,

How it looked before :


After new plastics+graphics fitted:


and a FMF full exhaust + black gripper seat cover :



Trev, your bike looks awesome!:ride::applause: I really like the fender and taillight combo.:ride:

u little girly men and ur big bores. but nice bike devo. i wonder where u got the idea for the 06 fender?

Many thanks for the comments :ride: :ride: :ride: I am really pleased with the look of it now :applause:

'''Sweet! I see you even added a new pipe. I have to ask though, why do you point your handguards down so far '''

Good point, I don't normally have them that low, must of bashed them on a few trees last time I was out !


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