how much time is on my wr?

I recently purchased a used 03 wr from a local used bike dealer the service history is unkown as well as the miles. What i was wondering is how can figure out how many miles or how much time is on it? Tires are not stock they are excellas and the rear is worn, the rear sprocket is not stock. I am a profesional tech the bike looks clean has good compression The valves were in spec accept for center intake which is at .0035''.Now what i do not know how many times the valves have been adjusted. Does anyone know if the valve shims are awalys the same size when assembled at the factory, I have seen a few engines where the shims are awalys the same size when new because of extremely tight manufacturing tolerences.And what i was thinking was that i can caculate how much wear is on the valves by the shim size change from stock, just an idea. Or some other way to figure time on the bike?

I dont think so.

You're never going to know for sure. Factory shims are all different. You have to take it on faith from the previous owner as there is no way to tell otherwise...SC

If you are checking the valves and you take the cams out and remove the shims. Inspect the shims if they all have numbers ending in 0 or 5 then most likely they have been reshimed if there are lots of shims with numbers ending in 2,3,7,8, those shims came from the production line and "May" indicate that the bike has not been shimed before or shimed once and the shims were moved around. Remember this is just an indication nothing definitive.

I have seen the shims in the .03 .07 .08 increments and like you said those shims come from the factory assembly. All the shims in the service kits are in .05mm increments

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