learned something new today :)

:ride: Just wanted to share that I changed my first set of tires today on the livingroom floor by myself with relative ease.....relative ease.......knuckles are a little swollen thats all :ride: I was going to take them to a shop but I had this motorcycle maintenance dvd and I watched the "changing tires" section and paused it at each step and voila saved myself 75 bucks by not taking them to the shop.

just had to share that Im quite happy I can do that now :applause: im going to go soak my hands in palmolive now :ride:

sweet, i need to www.youtube.com that now. get a free lesson :ride:

I have learned that good tire irons make the job soooo much easier. This is kind of weird but I get much satisfaction from watching the bead pop into place when I air up the new tire...:ride:

haha yah i thought the same thing, PHEW it worked.........thats what i though and this mornign i checked and no air lost :ride:

I hate changing tires. Especially brand new ones.

I just suck it up now and take it to the dealership. Since they only charge me $10 a tire, and I get my tires cheap, it's justifiable to me.

yah i know what you mean but i more wanted to do it myself to be able to do it myself, they said 35 bucks a tire to me so instead i bought 20 dollar set of tire irons and I get a lot of time off as a firefighter(actually i can do them at work while being paid) so for me its not justifiable to take them to the shop when essentially i can be paid to do them myself on work time :ride:

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