gytr flywheel on 06

Is anyone running the lighter of the two gytr flywheels on their 06 or 07 450?Just curious.

I know some people have used the heavier of the two. I race strictly mx, had one on my 250f before and loved it.

I own an '03 and an '06. I run an 8 oz Dr.D on the '03, and I'm a huge advocate of doing that to that bike for MX purposes. It makes the bike far more rideable, and takes nothing away from the power at speed.

But as much as I like it on the '03, I have no reason to want one on the '06. As it is now, the power of the '06 is very smoothly delivered and manageable, and takes very little concentration on throttle control to keep things working. It's just one more thing the bike doesn't need, IMO.

I put the heavier one on my '06 and didn't really notice a loss of power anywhere, but I did notice it hooking up better in the slippery stuff. The bike still seems snappier than my '04 without one on it at all.

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