Valve adjust cost?

Hey all, I'm just wonering if anyone can give me a ballpark range for a valve adjustment at the dealer on a 01' wr426f. I'm a bit scared of the cost, but I don't habe the time or the know how. Thanks!

P.S. if Anyone in Tucson AZ would be willing to help me with it, I would try it on my own...

I just had my 05 WR450F valves checked and it cost me $65. The shop told me it would cost another $65 if they needed to be adjusted.

I cost us 116 dollars to check and adjust at a shop in Tx.,does not sound to hard, I would do it myself if I would just get a tourqe wrench.

I'm up in east mesa, if your just checking them, you can do it in about an hour, if you want I'll show you how to do that. if they need to be adjusted, it takes a bit longer.

I need to get a good digital caliper before I start adjusting valves.

$99.00 checked and shimmed!

I'll check them for a 12 pack, adjust them for another 12 pack. It's not hard to check, do some reading and make sure your on TDC.

Sure I'd be willing to help, so long as you have info on the valve clearances, etc. I live here in Tucson and would be more than happy to help, but don't know any of the tolerances from memory :ride:

Anyone here have the specs for valves on an '01 WR426f?

PM me if you're interested on getting together

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