My new bike / new to me/ check it out

I just bought this older yz400.. 98' w/ Carbon fiber White bros E series Pipe. Race tech suspension. Protapers. Custom seat for taller rider. i cat on engine. Black excel rims.The gentleman i bought it from is a vet rider .. He has very many connections to the industry of motocross and racing here in phoenix.This bike was taken care of very well.The Engine is tighter and better sounding than any 02'or 03' ive seen and ridden in the past week while on my bike search. It has Tons of pep.. I cant wait to get it on the track!This thing was a rocket ship when i test rode it.. I sold my 96 xr 600 and this is my upgrade.. I know that my tank and or petcok will eventually leak. which it has a brand new one on it now.

Any pointers or tips would be great..


A 4-speed will be no problem on the track. If you hit any tight trails, it might be tough.

Ahhhh.....what's with the green backgrounds?!?

Hey hey hey ... I like those green backgrounds.. You dont like em?

i am aware that i may get passed in the desert by my "old bike" but ive been riding the Exxon Valdez for many many years.. It was time to put that battleship into someone elses garage..

I thought the 400's where 5 speeds? :ride:

I thought the 400's where 5 speeds? :ride:

They are.

Nice bike.

ffffffew!!! i just ran to the garage... &%$#@! im a real dumb A$$ sometimes

Yes.....5 gears.. !!

5 gears men....

Another pic


sweet looking bike, cleans up really nice. im a little confused about the green background too but whatever floats your boat, its a good looking old bike.

man, i never even knew they came out with a carbon-fiber can for the older e-series. thats definitly hott. nice looking bike man and good luck

man it makes me feel good to hear that a yz 400 st ill looks good and is running strong still today i have a 04 and i do not plan on selling it

nice bike man!

The green background on the number plates were required if you ran the sportsman or vet class in desert raceing in the west.

:ride: Sweet bike!

you'll have to get rid of that "Honda" looking front rotor guard, other than that, good look'in!

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa , i bought it from a VET racer....someones informed... good job chris

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