Models (and not the FoxRacing girls either)

Anyone come across models of the Wr or Yz machines we all love so much?... I have looked around a fair bit, but have only managed to find an old white YZ, and I already have an XR400 model. Please let me know if you have a lead... Plenty of road bike models... few dirt models...



I have a 1/8" scale YZ400f. It's not a model, if you mean one that you build. It's a toy, it has fairly nice detail and was manufactured by Maisto Intl, Fontana, Ca 92336.


Yes, that is what I am talking about - a pre-built model toy... not the ones you have to put together yourself... I suppose I didn't want to call it a toy, because most of our real, full size bikes are just that to us... big toys... :)

Is your model/toy blue? where did you get it? in a shop, on eBay?

Thanks for the info,


Hey thanks Dan, they are just what I am looking for... I will order up a few and make the shipping worthwhile... then I can line them all up and run the YZ Floor Master Series... :)



I bought them from Wal-Mart. As Dan said, I do see them on Ebay from time to time. The one I have is a replica of Doug Henrys YZf.


E bay has them for ten bucks

I have a New Ray 1/8 YZ426... its pretty fast...

looks good.... but I had to replace the bars with Tags and a scotts damper.

I have to ride over so much crap in my office, but its good practice...


But really... the 1/6th scale toy has cables, and working suspention, only my rear works.. might be worth the 35$

and at 17" long it easier to sit on than my 8" long one. That was not suppost to sound bad... :D

p.s. I got it at Toys r us for 15- 20$ and it is # 15!

Tim's bike is parked on my computer! :D

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