led in stock lense

I finally installed the 12 led light from Wheeling Cycle Supply. It bolts right in the same holes as the rubber tits used to sit in for the stock bulb. Also the led comes with its own pig tail. Plug & play if you have the pressure switches already in. Anyways it is real bright when braking. My bud noticed it & I didn't tell him I changed it out. Thanks guys for all the info! & thanks to Forrest at Wheeling Cycle Supply!:ride:

I did the same thing along with my Baja Led Brake light

How would I go about getting a hold of Forrest?

How would I go about getting a hold of Forrest?

Was a discussion on those last fall. I'd be interested to hear how they are holding up. I've heard of a lot of failures with BD's LED lights, it's why I haven't changed mine out.

I have two LED sockets under the stock lense, so far they work fine too.

Do these go under the stock XR600 lense? Can you guys post up some pics?

How would I go about getting a hold of Forrest?


I mean some mounted pics, I can't even tell which one of those I'd order from those pics.

its the square one

Quantity Sku Item Style List Price Ext. Price

1 D45-19-011 LED Tail Light Inner Kit KLX/TTR USD 18.98 USD 18.98

Subtotal: USD 18.98

Sales Tax: USD 0.00

Shipping: USD 6.16

Order Total: USD 25.14

use the stock lense

the above is fro the Honda 650R and a KLX

So the one on the right is for the XR600?

I just ordered the led for my stock tail light. This is exactly what I had in mind to be able to keep the rear end looking clean and is less weight than the add on aftermarket fenders.

i have the led from wheeling cycle and it works great i have had it in for awhile with no problems at all i also have to say the guys at wheeling cycle were just great to deal with super helpful even say if i have any problems with the instert fitting to let him know and he would exchange it for another one till we got it right you can't ask for anymore then that:thumbsup: :ride: to wheeling cycle

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