IMS fuel tank problems

I have an 04'450 and have toasted the fuel line twice on the lower right side.I have'nt had a fire but its gotta be a :ride: miracle.Tried shielding the hose with a wrap around hose to no help.Help before I burn my bike to the ground.:ride:

I used a zipty to hold my fuel line away fron the header clamp.

I have the same tank on my '03, and haven't had a problem, in spite of the Power Bomb header. Here's what I do.

>I use Motion Pro gray (they have a gray and a clear) fuel line, which is made of a higher temp compound similar to silicon spark plug leads.

> I folded a piece of aluminum foil into a strip 4 layers thick and 4" wide and rolled that around the fuel line where it attaches to the fitting on the tank. That insulates the first 4" of it, which is where it's the closest to the pipe.

> Got some foil tape from Home Depot that's made for working with oven, heater, and dryer vents and such that has to be some of the stickiest tape I can remember ever having seen and taped the fuel line directly to be bottom of the tank from the foil insulator to the back edge.

Works OK. The MP fuel line was actually holding up without any protection as it was, but I wasn't comfortable with it.

And, try to turn the elbow L-fitting on the right inwards a bit, and from the left side pull up any slack on the hose you might have from the right side. This way I had about one inch of clearance.

Another possibility is just running it like Ty Davis and team do, by just plugging it with a 1/8in pipe plug and doing all the plumbing from the left side.

True, this is important. If the bike starts to burn and you don't have an extinguisher or some deep water to throw the bike in, it's just going to burn up and there's very little one could do about it. I saw pictures of a burned up newer YZF or WRF. VERY little was left :ride:

One thing almost no one thinks about with this particular tank is, "how will I change the spark plug out on the trail?". Fortunately, it isn't necessary very often at all. But those of us who us the IMS on the earlier YZF need to figure out how to raise that thank far enough to get at the plug without dumping fuel over a hot engine, or just into the desert. I leave enough slack in the crossover line that I can lift it and move it back enough to accomplish a plug change without disconnecting it.

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