Wild Wash Road So. Cal Dez.

Just wanted to let you know that Wild Wash road is apparently “closed” now as of July 2006. I’ve been training out there for years. The San Barneydino enforcement officer, whatever the hell that is? Was out Sunday and was cordial enough to not write us ticket, but educate. Tell you what, try posting some signs, we’re educated, we can read. THERE ARE NO SIGNS AT ALL. And by the way, in case anyone checked, there is nothing out there but good, usable, historical riding land………..Went to Hodge, place still blows after all these years, 2 flats, home by 11 AM.


One Pissed- Offroader.......................:ride:

That does not sound good I hate hearing about closures, :ride:

they have closed everthing on the left side of the 15 when heading north the ranger stopped us a few weeks ago to let us know it has been closed and they will start issueing tickets soon because it closed in january

no way man. wild wash was the first place i ever went riding. that a bunch of crap. why would they close it?

why would they close it?

Because it is not within the boundary of the Stoddard Wells OHV Area and it is not open BLM land like it is north of Barstow.

I know thins may seem like a fine distinction, but this was never a legal riding area. It is just that with the new San Bernardino ordinance the sheriff's department can now write tickets. This isn't a closure, it's enforcement of a closed area.

I realize that in the end it is still a loss of a riding area and I agree that it sucks.

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