wr450 Top End. What should we do?

So my buddy smoked the head, cylinder, and piston on his '05 wr450. So he is thinking of getting a big bore kit. Athena or ice cube?? His head is also toast. He bent and broke some valves. So he needs a new head.

I am a honda guy some when it comes to finding parts and good advice on the yamy I dont know where to start.

What would you guys do?

thanks indy, now what about the head??? I guess we need a complete new head

Just get the stock head complete from Yamaha.:ride:

Who sells oem yamaha parts for cheap? I know, i know. But if it was a honda i would say motosport or service honda

How did the damage happen? Operator error or mechanical failure? Just curious.

You said you bent some valves, but didn't say whether the rest of the head was bad. Is there pitting or did the valves merely bend in their guides? There might still be a chance for the head; hopefully you'll merely have to re-valve and guide it.

Check out Bob Tracy's http://www.worldofcycles.com/

I got a WR400f CDi for $100 less than the cheapest dealer I could find. He's got killer pricing.

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