Help me Mcgiver my Exhaust pipe

Hi All - Last month I bought an 02 YZ426F. It has been the first bike I have owned since my 1982 YZ80. I am getting the jump on my midlife crisis..

The bike is otherwise in excellent condition except for a rather nasty distortive dent in the muffler. It looks as though somone wheelied over and bent the pipe up. It is crushed slighly at the top as now it touches the left plastic pannel. As you could imagine it has toasted some nice holes in it.

Has anyone ever rebent a muffler. I am thinking about getting a block of wood and a big hammer and trying to pound it back down and in. Should I heat it first? Am I insane???? any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Am I insane????

Yes, but that's not that important.

My approach to this would be to first remove the muffler from the bike so nothing else, like the sub frame, gets bent. Then, have someone hold it down on a flat surface and push it back in the direction it came from. I don't advise heating it, because it's aluminum, and you're crazy, remember? Aluminum won't glow to alert you that it's getting too hot; it just melts into a blob more or less without warning.

An alternative would be to look in the TT Classifieds or on eBay for another stock or after market muffler.

LOL! - I have 4 kids insanity included - Thanks for the tip on this - will do.

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