Stock LED light for 07's is wired for brake light!!!!

I have had a 2002 WR426, and a 2005 WR450, and they both came with a dual filament bulbs in the stock tail light. I was unsure untill today that the new LED would be wired for a brake light, but it is!!! If you take of the side cover where the CDI box is and find the wiring connection for the tail light you will notice that there is 3 wires coming from the tail light and after that connection there is only 2. It is because the third wire must be hooked up to a brake light switch. I just did this and I now have a tail and a brake light using my stock LED light. Now all I need is a liscense plate holder.

It is very bright also!!

All the previous WR's were wired that way also.

Good fined joshbeene. :ride: I unplugged the connector and jumped it and it works! It is brighter than a brass nickel! :ride: The next step is to fined a sano switch to use it. Both front and rear levers.

Put me down for some switches. I was almost rearended this last weekend by my bud when I did a sudden brake to avoid a pit.

Whoever finds the switches please post your results.....:ride:

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