cold weather dangers

so i am forced to ride my bike in cold weather tommorow... probably about 25-35degrees. what i would like to know is. what should i be carefull of so i don't hurt my motor. i am not riding in the woods or anything i just gotta get to and from work until my stupid car gets fixed. i am thinking just let it warm up real good before i take off and i should be good right? what about my shock and forks seals? are they more prone to leaking in this cold weather? is there anything i can do to make sure i don't blow a seal or something

Watch for ice!

Don't worry about your bike :ride:

I ride my XR600 to work every day, this morning it was 18 degree's. The cold won't hurt your bike at all, just let it warm up for about 5 minutes before taking off to get the oil nice and thin.

holy crap 18 degrees... ya got any special things i should wear to keep warm. i obviously can't buy anything now since it is such short notice but i was thinking my jeans with thermals underneath my jacket with a thermal and sweatshirt underneath that... only thing i am worried about is cold wind blowing up in my helmet

big ass gloves, i froze my left hand to the bar

I wear jeans and a t-shirt first, then a military polartech fleece jacket, then my Moose Expedition pants and coat over that to break the wind. Also Moose Expedition gloves with Hippo hands on the bars. I have heated grips but I generally don't need them with the Hippo hands. I wear a full face flip up helmet and a balacalava when its really cold. This keeps me warm all the way to work and back. :ride:

I've been riding in 25-30 degree weather lately. Two parts get cold on me: hands and neck. Make sure you have a coat that zips up around your face, or a shield on your helmet to deflect the airflow from your neck. I wear my snowboarding mittens with occasional heat packs in them to keep toasty. Other than that I just tough it out, it let me know I am still alive...

Balaclava for the wind on your neck and below your jaw, where the strap fits. Brrrr. Full face helmet with the bottom cracked open a little so it doesnt fog up.

Go slow. My front tire doesnt have nearly the traction on the cold street as it does when it's warmed up. Ride sensibly and you'll be fine.

Last year I rode to work and back all winter. I wore a hooded sweatshirt under my leather jacket. Jeans or dockers and hiking boots, and gloves of course. The tops of my legs got cold but just suck it up and you'll be fine. Enjoy the warm feeling when your co-workers look at you like you're nuts, as they go start their cars before leaving so they'll be warm. Wimps.

18 is frigin' COLD!!

I rode in 30s-40s last weekend, I wear an EMS Fleece under my AeroDarien Jacket, MSR COld pro Gloves, TourMaster Overpants and MSR Heavy Socks. I was really cold going over long bridges but in the trees wasn't as bad. I did 300miles on Sunday. I imagine if you commute is short, it won't be too bad as long as you layer the clothing.

I have a Balaclava too, definetly want to have one of them!

Tomorrow I'm going to do about 200 miles, the high is supposed to be 15 with windchill in the single digits. It is really no different than riding a snowmobile in the same temps. You just have to dress smart.

I'll get some pics of tomorrows ride and post them here.

"cold Weather Dangers"

As Said Earlier Watch For Ice & Cars, No One Is Expecting A Motorcycle On The Road In Really Cold Weather, Except One Of Us Riders

Definetly have hand warmers and gloves. Since your in an exposed/ sprawled out position on the bike, you have to dress very warm , b/c your body can't retain much of it's heat. Your hands will get cold first and your face. maybe wear a bandanna on your face under you helmet.

well i figured i would give you guys a update... believe it or not i was geared up and ready to go... i was just about to reach for the door knob when my phone was my friendly ford dealer telling me my car was ready. i nicely asked him if there was any chance he could pick me up and he said sure i will send out shuttle guy right over for you.... so in short i dodged the ride in the cold weather bullet. but what i am doing this sunday is going to get a bag of things together so when i have to do it, it may be more enjoyable for me.

the only thing i am having a hard time thinking of is my neck... do they make kinda like a head band thing that will just go around my neck?

The best thing for your neck and head is a balakalava from a dealer or you can get a dickie neck warmer from Walmart or pretty much any sporting goods store.

What always gets me on a cold-weather ride is my legs. I got a pair of Joe Rocket pants and jacket. Both have rain liners thatwork great in the cold.

Almost anything will work though. A pair of regular rain pants work great.

For when its below 30 I bought a set of full insulated overalls from Walmart. Cheap and they are a real life saver, even if I do look weird. As long as I'm warm I could care less what I look like.

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