Exhaust heat!!!

2007 WR450F, so far have done: unplugged grey wire, throttle stop screw shortening, air/fuel screw 2 turns out and pea shooter removed. I do mostly cross-country rally racing, but the exhaust builds up too much heat, which after a couple hours of riding is a major trouble..I have read that happens because air/fuel mixture is too lean. ¿Will exhaust temp go down if I unscrew more the air/fuel screw? or will I have to re-jet either way??(don´t want to). By the way, ¿what´s the air/fuel screw setting for x-country racing in a desertic area, hot and low humidity, sea level (like baja California, or Glamis)??

Thanks a lot, from Chile.


depending on your jetting you will probably be around 1.5-1.75 turns out

I recommend GYTR AIS removable kit.

Have to change your Pilot to at least a 48 and a different needle. If you buy the GTYR kit it has those things in it. Also get rid of that AIS!

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