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did mods now overheating

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Did several modifications to my DRZ400e:

from a 142 to a 158 main

from a 45 pilot to a 48

from a 60 air jet to a 100

installed the EKP needle, position 3

from 1.5 to 1.75 turns out

removed snorkel

installed uni filter

reduced accel pump spray to .3 sec

changed the oil, used stock paper element,

installed correctly, and filled with Mobil 1 MX4T

I still have the stock exhaust - not modified

This overheating problem occured after a 2 minute warm-up and several 1st and 2nd gear laps around the yard.

I respect the opinions of the guys on this site and would appreciate any suggestions.

Thanks - Clay06

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Clay,I'm not a DR expert, but you've made waaay too many modifications at one time! It sounds like you did some research, though to come up with what you did. Please tell us, how did the bike run? Did it sound different? Did you notice more power, what was happening with the throttle position and pulling ability?

Couple things to check, hopefully some others may have some more suggestions.

--Air filter-Did you oil it and is it sealing well? That could cause an overly lean condition.

--Air leaks? Everything on nice and tight? I like to use Honda Bond4, a fuel resistant sealing "goop" on the carb instake/boots. Also grease teh air filter lip that touches the airbox.

- Did you clean the carb really well before installing the new jets? Mine gets dirty fast.

- If you did take it apart, did you handle the float roughly at all? Could be far out of adjustment?

If all above checks out--

--Clip position? Try #4. (from the top of the needle)

-- Larger main jet?

-Put ait lid back on to see if there's a huge difference? If so, further rejet to compensate.

Not to say there's some other things to check for. I'm just not super familiar with the DR.

Often doing drastic changes like you did caused some other problem, but I'msure you can fix it and realize the best perforamnce by switching to more agressive jeeting and pulling out some of the corks :)


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There has been a rash of DRZ water pump failures lately. You need to pull the water pump cover and ensure that the plastic impeller has not self destructed or broken a blade. I have seen this atlest 6 times in DRZ 400's the last 4 months. CHECK THIS SOON! You do not want to get out in the middle of know where and burn up your motor. If the impeller is bad replace it with a metal one.

Bonzai :)

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My first thought was "air-leak" but I didn't have the time to trouble-shoot due to schedule. I pulled the carb early this morning, all seemed to be in order. I inspected the intake boot and appied some fuel-resistant sealant, as suggested, and bolted up. I ran it for approx 15 min, mostly in 1st and 2nd gear as well as a 5 min idle. Coolant filled the lower portion of the over-flow tank, however, none reached the main body of the tank.

All else checked-out ok. Throttle response seemed good, no misses, pops, etc. I did initially notice a hesitation to return to idle once I got off the gas. I did some minor adjustments which seemed to help.

I don't want to over- report until I have a chance to check it out more throughly - hopefully, this afternoon.

mcarp, I appreciate the quick and thoughtful reply.

Taf, I hear you on the aj.

Kaze, I'll be sure to ckeck it out, today.

Thanks to all,


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