thinking of buying 06 yz450 cdi and cams for my 07 yz450

I currently own a 2007 yz450 and I finally got to ride a 2006 yz450 .Though the bikes are very comparable the motor on the 06 is definately better.Im not saying the 07 is bad,but it just dosent have enough low end or top end for my taste.I noticed the 06 had more grunt down low and more over rev.I have read some comparisons where someone said the 07 hit harder in the middle than the 06 yz,I dont think that is the case.The lack of low end on the 07 gives it an impression that it is hitting harder.I think the 06 just has a smoother transition from low to mid. with more on top.I just bought a procircuit exhaust that I havent installed yet,but depending on how it works I am definately considering installing the 06 cdi and cams.I can get a good price on the parts and it seems like it might be worth trying.I will let you guys know how it works.

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