Whats the Best way to access 2007 Carbs

Ok Guys,

What is the best way to access the 07 Carb, for changing Needles,jets etc etc etc.....there seems to be a few ways of doing it on the this forum, so though I would start a thread off...


The only way to get at the carb on the 07's is to take the subframe and back shock off the bike, its too tight to just loosen the carb and rock it over to the side.

It took me about three hours to do mine the first time, I managed to tilt the carb up once the shock was off and change the jets.

Its a bit of a pain to do so its worthwhile doing the throttle stop and replacing the air screw at the same time.

Take it easy


I did not remove the subframe completely, but I took out most of the bolts holding it in and pushed it back a lot. I also took out the rear shock. You can get to the top of the carb with the seat and tank off. I did not have to remove the carb to put in new jets and throttle stop. The bolts on the float are allen heads which makes that a lot easier.

06' YZ450 (I'd think the same?) -

Pull the seat & tank. Remove the upper motor mounts (4 bolts). Loosen the carb boots & it will turn more than enough to access the jets.

I did mine the same as Wakin and it worked great.:ride: took less than an hour.:ride:

I agree with the above, when I did my AIS kit installation it took me +-2 hours of buggering around with the carb thinking I could remove it by removing the seat, tank,sub-frame and rear spring. Eventually left carb in the bike and stripped it down and installed jets etc. When I did my freinds bike a week later the whole carb story took less than 45min.

This carb is a bitch. Only strip it if you have too. Not like a two stoker. If it works leave it alone.


:ride: :ride: :ride:

Sounds like the CRF250. I could not believe the work required to get to the carb. Had to remove seat, tank, subframe and rear shock bolt and was still tight.

Someone Said "it´s A Two Minutes Job". ¿what The F...k Was He Thinking? Had To Remove Rear Shock, Lift Up A Little The Upper Frame In Order To Remove The Shock Once It Was Loose From Both Bolts, And Finally Could Do The Throttle Stop And Air Screw Adjustments...."a 2 Hour Job".

He is correct, it does take two minutes to install everything, once everything is stripped and then another 2 hgours of putting it all back together. Well worth the effort though.

Atkinse, you are 100% correct. After you took the seat of it took you +-2min to put it back after you watched me work for 2 hours installing your AIS kit.



Well done Muz

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