Hey All, new guy here. Found this place about a week ago, it's been alot of help already. Been ridin Harleys for the past few years.............BOR RING. I'm going to go look at an 02 426 Saturday. It looks clean but looks can be decieving. Any help on what to check, ie bearings, forks, wheels, etc. would be greatly appreciated......................Thanks.............PP

throttle and clutch cables will tell you alot. My 02' is just about bomb proof, I dig it.

The 426's are pretty bulletproof bikes but like anything else, if they are not maintained then there could be problems. Here is a list of things to look at, incomplete but it's all that is coming to mind right now.

Push/pull the wheels side to side to check for any looseness of the wheel bearings. Spin both wheels to see if they are true and free of dents. Also check the brake rotors while doing this.

With the front wheel off the ground turn the handlebars back and forth to check for any 'notchy-ness' in the steering stem bearings.

Compress the forks up and down hard a few times and then check for any oil seepage on the fork tubes.

Visually inspect the radiators for any damage and to see if they are straight. Pull the radiator cap off and visually inspect the coolant.

Visually inspect the motor oil for signs of coolant contamination.

Pull the seat and see if they ever clean the airfilter. If the airfilter is filthy the I would walk away. They should be cleaned after every ride, or two rides at the most.

Inspect the sprockets for wear.

Like ztard says, check the operation of the clutch and throttle cables...these can be good indicators of whether or not the bike was maintained well.

Check the rear brake caliper. It should have some up/down play in it but no too much. Also, I've seen bikes where they were ridden with the rotor bolts coming loose and they literally wore a groove into the brake caliper.

If the bike does not have the decompression lever then the auto decomp. cam mod has been done to the bike...that is a good thing.

Ask the owner what kind of oil they use and how much oil the bike takes on an oil change. If they can't immediately answer the question then I would walk away.

The valvetrain on these bikes are known for staying in tolerance but ask them when the last time the valves were checked and/or adjusted. Also, when was the timing chain last replaced.

Welcome to TT! :ride:

Thanks alot, that's the kinda info I was lookin for. Although it's a mute point cause I bought a 04 still in the crate today.

hey pig pen were did you get the 04 in the crate and how much

NW Honda, Hilliard, Oh. Paid $4500+tax.

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