07wr450 carry rack

a mate asked me to make him an 8mm stainless steal carry rack, all mount points through existing mount holes. planing to get a new 450 next month so may make another for myself. took a few pics what do ya reckon.





Looks great! When will you be selling them, and when will you have some available for the older WR's :ride:

I reckon it looks great. I would put a couple more crossbars on the top to give you a few more carrying options.

How much time did it take you to make.

How much weight do you think it will support?

That is a good looking rack, It is nice, clean and fits with the mold of the bike. I will take one for an 00 WR400 please :ride:

As a fanatical dirtbike rider myself riding most weekends, when asked 2 make the carry rack only yesterday for a mate.I thought great idea an made it, an because rack looked sweet on i thought that i had to show everyone.

today looked at previous models and there dosen't seem to be enough

room to get mounting in behind the rear sidecovers so only looks go 07 models.

Worked out that rack itself wieghs 1kg an should carry 3kg easy.I also found that the rack stiffed up the rear guard heaps so thats got to be a bonus cause most wr rear guards come loose on muffler side.cheers

I am in Bris Qld and have an 07 WR450F. Where are you? How much would you part with one of these for?


Mark H

Bris Qld Australia

Trouble is mark i need a bike to make it, although i may

have one soon.I'm situated near newcastle NSW.cheers

That is a good looking rack. I have a pro moto billet rack on my 06, but yours is more low profile. I really like it.

John in Vegas

Any chance of seeing the mounting points behind the white plastic? Do you have another bar coming off the rack under the white side panels to create 4 mounting points? I am looking at different designs prior to creating my own. I like this one the best so far. Thanks

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