What happened to the re-sale value??

Two years ago when I was looking for my wr, I couldn't find one. Now, I've been trying to sell mine for months now, and can't give it away. I have a 2000 with less than 600 miles on it, and I'm only asking $4000. That, to me, sounds like a good deal. I guess not. I mean if I would have found a 99 in that shape when I was looking for mine, I would have snapped it up in a hurry. I guess these bikes just aren't in that much of a demand now. If anyone wants a good deal on a wr in real good shape, drop me a line. I live in Reno Nevada.

I am not a resale expert, but I would say it has something to do with that new bike called the CRF450.

Most of my buddys who have owned WR400s have either gone down to WR250s or switched to KTM 400/520EXCs. My local dealer used to sell 20-25 WR400s a few years ago. Last season he sold 30 WR250s and 2 WR426s.

No doubt the state of the economy last year has something to do with it. For those of us who have one, riding it is not too expensive. But if you don't have one already, it's a big-ticket expense. Not as many bikes selling right now as in 2000 or early 2001.

I think it's just a case of "the grass is always greener". WR's used to be the hot item because they were first in line. Then when the blue men started to see orange and red... I can't imagine a more exciting 4-stroke motorcycle than these but if Yamaha doesn't do something new for 2003, they might be bringing up the rear of the new revolution instead of leading it.

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