06 Spring Rate

I am 190 lbs on an 06 450, I am a fast C rider and thinking of sending my suspension off. But considering my weight, how much of an improvement can be made by changing springs? I love where my stock settings are at, but my front bottoms on big hits and my rear seems like it is sprung light. Thanks everyone!

Both MX Tech and Race Tech call for springs right at the stock rates for a rider of your weight (I assumed your weight was given as without gear).

If you don't bottom both ends occasionally on the worst hits, you aren't using all of your travel. You can probably improve on the suspension some by a revalve, but it doesn't look like springs are your problem. Your suspension people may have another opinion, and you should probably take theirs over mine.

You are on the cusp....the stock should be good - with a revalve for your weight and riding ability...

If you can lose 5-10 lbs it would be right to stay stock...and revalve for the bottoming -

If you go to a 5.6 rear and .48s front...it may be too stiff for you without a significant amt of revalve mods..which is ok ....and will make you faster

if you get faster - then this is the set up for you

Thanks guys....has anyone ever used the Race Tech Gold Valve Kit? How hard is that to install and how accurate can you get it to your liking?

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