Tight chain?

Went on my first ride this weekend with my new 2002 426...what a blast! However, I do have a question about the condition of the chain now. It seems way too tight.....definitely was not like that before I road? Any ideas why this would be? In my experience with street bikes...they would typically get loose not tight?



I can't think of any way that a chain would become tighter during a ride short of the rear axle sliding to the rear...and that's not going to happen with the engine pulling on it.

Are you comparing it in the same manner as when you did your pre-ride measurement? For instance, when your bike is on a bike stand with the wheel hanging down it will be more loose than if you were to check it while the bike is upright with weight on the wheels...or strapped down in the back of a truck or trailer.

I had this happen on an XR650 that we rode in the '05 24 Hours of Glen Helen. It tightened so much we had to go out on the course and reset the tension before we could move the bike any farther. Then by the end of the race, it was too loose again. I've never seen it before, and we never figured it out.

I'm sure someone will have an answer, these guys know everything! :ride: Assuming its not what YZ426 rider said, the only time I have seen the chain get tight is when its full of mud but I think you would notice that. :ride:

Hmmm...maybe the lower chain roller got bent upwards? Maybe there is some kind of wang in the chain guide? Maybe something got wedged under the chain slider?

Well, I didn't measure it before the ride...however, I did look at it and it seemed fine. Now, it does not seem fine...too tight.

I'll check the lower roller and see if that's bent in some way.....I did wipe out once. If it's not...I guess I'll just adjust the slack per the manual?

thanks and I'll let you know what I find.


check your sprockets, if there worn out and bent towards the front of the bike , your chain will ride up on the tip of the sprocket making it tighter

Everything looks alright to me. I'm no mechanic, but I compared my chain, sprockets, etc. to my buddies bike and no noticeable differences. So, I just adjusted the slack per the manual......we'll see what happens after my next ride.

thanks for the advice


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