2006 WR450 IMS 3.4 Gallon Tank

Just installed it and I'm really happy about the fit and the trim sculpting of the tank.

I have a question. I routed the fuel hose to the carb, per the instructions but it seems awfully queer. Has anyone else done it differently, as in taking a more direct route to the carb inlet, with good results?

I'm suprised by the somewhat rough hewn nature of this tank. It's not what you would call, "polished" and many of the seams are thick and raised but the YZ blue color is an exact match, it doesn't leak and it fit perfectly. No fussing.

I had a 2.8 gallon Clarke tank for my old YZF450 that was pretty tough to mount, but this IMS was no problem. I'll fill it up when the weather gets dry and get an exact measurement then. The instructions say there can be a 10% difference in claimed capacity to real world results.

Pics are here


Just to point out the slim line of this tank.


which tank is this specifically? i have been looking, and the ims website only shows a 3.1 gallon, then zip-ty racing has an ims manufactured 3.3 gallon tank. i can't find the 3.4 gallon you mention.

also, are there any issues with the low petcocks or crossover lines? i guess the main issue being that you need to disconnect 2 petcocks, or disconnect the crossover to pull the tank off the bike.



The IMS instructions tell you to route the fuel line up and over the carb. When I had mine ran like that it wouldn't pull the fuel from the bottom of the tank . I ended up running the fuel line right to the carb and haven't had a problem with it yet .

Man, you had to dig a long way back for this one. I wonder if he still has the bike.:lol:

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