Two Cool Engine Oil Cooler?? Anyone try it?

Has anyone tried the "Two Cool" engine oil additive that I have seen on the banner ads here on TT? I have noticed additional heat with my Rekluse, and I was thinking of giving that stuff a try. I know there are a few of you who have forgotten more about oil than I will ever know, so your input would be greatly appreciated.



You could look at this:

When I gave up on the discussion, the individual representing the product was still refusing to disclose the principal on which the product is supposed to accomplish what it claims. Some people use it and say it works, some say not.

You decide.

Thanks Gray. I just spent the last hour reading and now my head hurts!! :ride: When I tried to search before, I couldn't get it to work, but now I'm burried with stuff to read. :ride: I may try it, I may not. But thanks for the link. :ride:

well i've been using the stuff since 04 after searching for a way to cool my new rekluse clutch,which heated up quickly in slow,tight technical situations. i went from not being able to hold my hand on the clutch cover for a 1 count to a 3-4 count in the same conditions. after stating this on TT i was just ridiculed for my unscientific approach to testing, but i'm quite in tune with my machine and can certainly tell when something has made a difference or not. so after months of pestering norman(the feller who owns 22C) he still won't talk..but my uneducated guess (after alot of research and peicing together what norman had let slip) is that the oil molecules have been negatively charged so they are attracted to the heat source which produces a positive charge(correct me if i'm backwards on the charges as i'm no electrical wiz) the oil then acts like just like a magnet going straight to where its needed(instead of repelled,which is what the oil wants to do when contacting a very hot surface) . what i can tell you is that i've never seen so little wear in a engine and my clutch packs last longer than the baskets and pressure plate(and thats a whole season including some tight HS) last yr he let me use a digital temp gauge that had the sending unit attaced to the oil drain plug,even with this not being the optimum place for it i was seeing up to a 15' drop(i believe it was like 230-5' down to 215-20')when tested the same day with and without 22C (same test loop,roughly same lap times,same ambient temp...everything the same) so there is some scientific testing,as far as long term effects. my wr (although sold,and no longer using 22C)) is still running like a top. my yz has never seen oil(rotella 15/40) without 22C. and the thing is like brand new,haven't EVER had to adjust the valves yet. i'm changing intake cam to a crower G1 and am sending the old cam down to 22C so they can measure wear,will also send a him a sample of the oil which has about 8 hrs of practice running on it which he says will be sent to a independant lab. not to put words in his mouth but al from rekluse even backs the results:thumbsup:

But...that's a coolant. The question is about the oil additive, 2 Too Cool, or whatever.


This addetive does not cause any slippage with your rekulse?

This addetive does not cause any slippage with your rekulse?

no,there are no friction modifiers in it from what i'm told;and i've never had a problem :censored: the owner of rekluse has stated several times its worthiness but i think he might be afraid of a full blown "behind it all the way" because nobody really knows what it is:excuseme:

It works, I don't know how but it works. I have done back-to-back tests withand without the stuff, using an infra-red thermometer on the clutch cover. It is consistently good for a 10-15 degree reduction in clutch cover temps, even when the clutch isn't that hot. It is supposed to be better when it is really hot.

That said, I don't use it much because for the type of riding I do, I don't heat the clutch very much. If you do find that you are heating up your clutch, this stuff does work. I know Ty Davis has tested with it and he tests stuff hard. I'm confident he wouldn't sell it if he didn't have 100% faith in it.

I have no financial incentive for endorsing this product (he only gave me one bottle to test for free) and I do own Rekluse.


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