Ok a lil Tuning help!! (please)

still lookn for some help here


Hey Higgy,

We need a little more info on your bike....

Jetting?, pipe? I did the BK mod on my 01

wr426 as jetted as per James Dean's suggestions and what a difference!

Here's my specs:

Stock exhaust

Grey wire mod

YZ timing(might go back to WR)

48 pilot jet

100 maj

obeln needle-went up to third pos.(a little boggy in #4 clip)

168 main jet

1 turn out on fuel screw

Bike now pulls my arms out of the sockets right of the bottom, with no hesitation or bog.

Only compaint I have is that I have to use the hot start when hot instead of a little kick.

Won't recommend any other advice for fear of a tongue lashing from Taffy. :)

Hope this Helps



Thanks to JD for his knowledge and others for

their expert advice. Hope to run into James sometime this year while riding and give him a big hug and then steal( I mean buy) a copy of his jetting manual :D

Ok did bk mod

rode bike and it really sputters at the bottom

do I richen bottom with jetting or with longer accell pump squirt. It is actually worse then before when when you crack the throtle and it dies

before bk mod if you were moving it wouldn't die

now it will.

this site is awesome!!!


I am at around 1000'

I have Stock header and e sieres silencer

wr timing

45 pilot jet

stock maj

stock needle 3 clip

165 main jet

2 turn out on fuel screw


in my opinion these machines go from rich and running ok to a bit rich but spluttering to correct and obviously enough running awesome.

you're stuck in the middle.

i would try dropping the needle one clip and then try turning the PS in to 1.5 and then 1 turn and see which helps.

if either of these two has helped then you may trust me and buy a smaller PAJ and go from a #100 to the #75. if you already have a #75 then i would buy a 42PJ.

hope you got that.



How about a new needle?

It seems everyone likes and is using the EKN

what is your advice

and if I should go with the EKN what is yamahas Part#?

Thanks higgy

The EKN is a more aggressive needle and has much more snap than the stock needle. You need to get your pilot under control before changing your needle though. If you don't you'll be chasing your settings all over the place. Taffy has done alot of jetting research and knows his stuff. The jets are not expensive and are easy to install.

Big TIP: When working on the carb , disconnect the throttle cables at the grip first. Remove the Hot Start button (1 8mm bolt) then loosten the clamps on the rubber grommets on the carb. You can then rotate and slide the card out far enough to work on it comfortably. When reinstalling the carb, slide it back into its slot and pull up on the cables with your left hand while guiding the carb with your right hand. Works like a champ. Thanks to James Dean for that tip earlier this year.....Has saved me much aggrevation.

Also contact NHKEVIN about a Kouba Fuel Screw Adjustment tool.....Very Cool...and Great for on the fly adjustments.

Bonzai :)


the difference between your ELN and an EKN is guess what! a half a clip :)

so have a go at what i've offered.

jetting Q's is a great guide and if you have the time i would write out my settings on a sheet and note how i gradually leaned out the jetting from stinking rich (IMHO!!!!) to correct.

have you noticed how the DR boys run a #60 PAJ? here we are on ~100 and suzuki are on #60?????



In my owners manual it says I have a DRR

Part # 5gs-14916-rr is this the same needle you r talking about (ELN)?

oooops! my mistake, i scrolled up to bryce's post and saw "higgy" and well er yep um sorry mate!

you've got the worst needle ever invented.

yep get the EKN it's the business. if they're out you can get the EKM. if you're looking for wheelie popping torque you can try the DMM or DMN.

i'm selling Gus my DMM and it's better in tight corners, mud and shiert!

i had "unfinished business" and this is the needle i wish i'd carried on with.



I just busted a gut here with your "worst needle ever" comment. But at least we are on the same page.

you wouldn't know the part # for EKN?

or a place I could order one online?

Thanks for you help

JD has printed the part #'s so many times that i would look through the archives first. try "60 days" and look for some obvious posts.

tell you what "jetting Q's has got it there. go see!



"you da man" is what we say over here!!!

I am making a sticker that says TAFFY TUNED

Thanks alot I ordered the needle and will probably have some more questions for you

in the next episode of "When the wheel turns"


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