Just picked up a clean 04 YZ450F

Is there any thing i should know about this bike? It is completely stock. What should i do to set it up?

Also what can i do to get ride of the top heavy feeling?



I've got an 04' also.

things to do:

1) I'm assuming it has the stock chain?? If so, get rid of it, and get a Regina or another high quality chain. The stock chain will stretch excessively, no matter how well you maintain it. Than it will chew up the sprocket's, and you'll need all three. The stock Sunstar sprockets are definately decent, and if you replace the stock chain before it stretches, you'll be fine with the stock sprockets.

2) The 03' through 05' bikes inherently have a top-heavy feel to them.....buy an aftermarket linkage called the Stormlink, to lessen the top-heaviness feel, and improve the turning ability. You will never get an 03'-05' model to turn as well, or feel as light as an 06' or 07' model...not gonna happen. see link below:

click on products, than suspension linkage.


3) Unless you are riding strictly Blue-groove tracks, get rid of that piece of junk front Dunlop 739af. It will only work well on blue-groove, and tends to washout on anything else. For off-road, I use a Pirelli MT-16 on the rear, and a Pirelli Scorpion Pro for the front. The Dunlop 952 seems to be working well for people both front and rear..but I haven't tried it.

4) If you ride tight, slow woods, an aftermarket heavier flywheel is recommended, to lessen stalling. I've never added one, I just have gotten used to the stock one.

5) get an aftermarket fuel screw (about $ 20) to make the bike perform best from idle to 1/3 throttle or so. This helps when either altitude, temperature, or humidity change. I use a Zip-Ty model.

That's pretty much it; the bike is very reliable, powerful, but if I could improve the turning even more, i'd be happier.

I also have an 04 model, and love it! I have only had it about 5 months, but I will second almost everything flintlock28 said. I think you get used to the top heavy thing and it actually just makes me more committed when turning which has helped my riding anyway.:ride:

It does feel top heavy in slow turns, but it sure sticks like glue and rails the fast turns. It also has a very good motor, one of the best yzf motors in my opinion. I put a Dr.D muffler on my bike and it turned the bike into a 4th gear (last gear) wheelie monster. Wheelies at 80mph anyone?? Change your oil, clean your filter and have lots of fun.

running the forks 5-10mm up in the clamps (basically does the same thing as the storm link),23mm offset clamps (helped my 05 the most),running 113 links instead of 114 to shorten the wheelbase(it doesn't really help the top heavy feel but it turns faster in the slow stuff),if ya wanna get crazy like i have lessening and lowering any weight up high thats possible,as in pwr lowered rads(requires a lowboy header),i'm in the middle of changing to a 05 wr frame as they lowered the frame cradle 5mm(lower COG) they shortened the wr shock and mount 3 mm(which when my 05 shock is installed will give it a "storm link" effect),dropped the top/front motor mounts 5mm(lower COG),ti rr spring,alot of ti and aluminum hardware up high,drill holes in stuff etc... i hope to have this thing together by feb 15th and my goal is to come as close to if not exceed the alum frame handling,when i'm done and dialed i'll do a complete report:thumbsup:

I put PWR low boy radiators on my '04 (has to be the low boys!) I can't believe what a differance that made! It was like I was riding a completely different bike. I noticed in the first 10 feet that they were worth every penny.

I have an 06 450 now, but I sorta miss my 04 in a few ways.

1-You can actually see & work on the carb

2-You can set the shock pre-load without cussing like a sailor

3-Getting the airboot back on the carb after removing the subframe was a breeze

4-The front of the frame never got permanently stained from mud

5-I like the fact that the 04 holds more oil than the 06

6-Mine was paid off

The 04 is a great bike & probably faster than any new stock 450 besides the KTM.

Enjoy the bike! I just got one running after sitting in a garage unridden for three years. I just ordered a bolt-on flywheel weight, a 50t chainwheel, a new chain, and a fuel mixture screw. I'll be doing mostly woods and trails.

ASAP you should replace the plastic hotstart nut that threads into the carb. I already stripped the thing by removing the carb 5 times over the past 2 weeks :thumbsup: Zipty racing sells an aluminum one for $15. You will actually be able to get a wrench around it and it will protect your carb from water and dust that can sneak in past the stock piece.

The thread is a year old.

i've since sold that bike to make room for my SH500,my goals were reached;that bike handled extremely well (kinda regret selling it) local TT member 'goosedog' bought it and says its the best riding bike he's been on that can do both MX and singletrack. "rides itself" was his words:thumbsup:

imo it rides better than any stock alum framed yz 450 i've ridden,even after it was resprung for him.

surprised that no one mentioned to take a look under the chain slider to see if there was a hole on the swingarm.

The thread is a year old.

almost two actually

Any of you guys actually use the storm link? I'm debating the storm link vs. 22.5 applied clamps

Ga426owner swears by the Storm link. Has one on his '03, IIRC.

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