Overhaulin' : 1993 XR600

My 89 before and after


Before Pic. I did all the work myself




Not quite done yet. I got beat on a seat from a fellow E-bayer so i save to go through pay pal to fix that problem. Also check out my garage. I did my best to document the entire project.


Your ride looks sweet. I'm not into the supermoto deal, but still sweet.

Thanks, you had me thinking about all white for a bit then I see kubiaks all black which is slick, but since I ride 100% street these days red is a nice color that says "Hey guys, Im right here, dont hit me.." :worthy:

The only thing I would change is the USD front end, but I already had my wheels built before I realized how easy the swap could have been :thumbsup:

I sand blasted the rocker box, head, cylinder and outer cases and painted them with Yamaha 500 degree case paint. I liked the outcome too.

That's a gorgeous 600! I have a rough-looking and non-running 95 in my driveway that has a dubious future. I loved the bike when running, but only had it for a year before it died, but it went all over in the mountains around here. After reading about finicky replacement bikes, it makes me want to rebuild my pig. Unfortunately, I have to wait at least until summer to move to a place with a garage. I can't see doing a full rebuild in my breezy breezeway. And when ebay doesn't provide, who do you go to for parts?

some really nice bikes here...

my 94 600R..still under construction..



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