86 600 jetting?

Whats the hot set up for this bike. I pulled out the snorkel and opened up the air box and now have good low end. The bike is too lean on top and the local dealer says 122 main jets? So before I go buying a bunch of jets whats the hot set up? Thanks!

Hi. on my 86 i went w/ 135 mains and down one size slow jet. I have it opened up quite a bit though w/ aft. market exh. also i set the secondary carb to open the same as primary, no stagger. nothing w/ the needle yet. this was all before top end rebuild, cam, bore. so now i'am doing it all over again.

Thanks, as soon as the snow melts I will give it a try,

hey D. I used to live in billings. I had a xr500, used to ride south hills. Fun

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